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Episode 13A: Amazon River Dolphin Conservation, Suzanne Smith

January 30, 2018

This week we will be releasing our interview with Suzanne Smith about her experiences in the Amazon fighting to conserve the extremely unique River Dolphin. Normally we would release an interview on a Thursday but due to Chris’s relocation to New Zealand we spotted the episode on Tuesday to allow us to bank some more episodes. Next week we will be releasing a new species.

Amazon River Dolphin Conservation

Suzanne Smith is the Executive Director and Founder of the Amazon River Dolphin Conservation Foundation (ARDCF). Suzanne has won awards for her hard work in conserving these special aquatic mammals. Recently she was recognized at the International Marine Mammals Trainers’ Association meeting for her ongoing projects in Amazon River Dolphin Conservation.

Ms. Smith has a deep passion for marine mammals and environmental conservation. Her career began at the New England Aquarium in Boston as a teenager. She received her BA degree from Salem State University and quickly moved to Gulfport, Mississippi to work in training sea lions, numerous bird species, and working with dolphins. She has also worked in conservation of many bird species, sea turtles and other marine mammals. Her work has also been highlighted on PBS, BBC, and Sea Rescue.

We were very fortunate to speak with Suzanne and her current passion of increasing public awareness of the plight of River Dolphins and she now dedicates everything she has to conserving these incredible animals. Thank you Suzanne for sharing your knowledge with us and our listeners.

Please visit their webpage at https://www.ardcfoundation.com/

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