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Conservation News for the week of June 1, 2018


The article discussing the cloning of the Tasmanian Tiger discusses how close scientist are getting to resurrecting this species. It can be found here.

Here is another article from National Geographic discussing cloning of the Tasmanian Tiger here.

Another article discussing de-extinction https://www.avclub.com/science-finds-a-way-to-bring-back-extinct-animals-1826247517here.

Golden Lion Tamarin

This article discusses the use of wildlife corridors and helping to not only revive the Golden Lion Tamarin but the environment as well and can be read here.

Here you can learn more about Golden Lion Tamarins.

Giant Salamanders in China

Apparently, the Giant Salamander, the world’s largest amphibian, has been hunted to near extinction. Article discussing this tragic tale can be read here.

You can read more about these amphibians here.

The Ellen Degeneres Wildlife Fund can be found here.

Rhino Pregnant

Here is the article discussing the latest in the pregnant White Rhinoceros through artificial insemination.

New Species

Bizarre Ratfish

Exploding Ants

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