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Episode 100: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going

Join us for a recap of our first 100 episodes. We have learned so much studying the 70 species we have covered so far. We also have been fortunate to speak to so many incredible Conservation Heroes from around the World. This is a look back at our humble beginnings and where we are headed for our next 100 episodes. Some touching and funny moments. We hope you enjoy our first 100 episodes in review.

Funny Moments

Clips taken from the following episodes:

Episode 2: The Gentle Giants, The Elephant

Episode 10: Hijinks with the Honey Badger

Episode 15: Your BFF, Black Footed Ferret

Episode 17: The Peculiar Platypus

Episode 26: The Blue Whale, Yes, They’re That Big

Episode 41: Rattling With Rattlesnakes

Episode 46: Happy, Happy, Hippo

Episode 53: The King, The Lion

Episode 59: Crikey, It’s a Devil from Tasmania

Episode 82: Mammoths of the Sea, The Elephant Seal

Episode 97: Orca Culture & Behavior, Part II






June 25, 2019
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