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Episode 103: Relocation of 24 Lions w/Ivan Carter

July 11, 2019


Ivan Carter was involved in the World’s largest relocation of lions ever attempted. In 2018, twenty four lions, 6 males and 18 females, were transported via plane from South Africa to the Marromeu National Reserve in Mozambique. Ivan discusses why and how the move was made of so many lions. Further, Ivan discusses how the Marroumeu Reserve has bounced back with multiple species of wildlife, after being nearly left barren after years of poaching. To learn more you can visit the official Twenty Four Lions website HERE.

An incredible National Geographic article detailing this relocation, with amazing pictures from Ami Vitale, can be seen HERE.

This interview also touches upon the benefits of trophy hunting. On our podcast in 2018, we invited Corbin Maxey on to discuss the pros and cons of trophy hunting. The episode can be heard HERE.

While in that episode we could not find any specific data or studies to show that trophy hunting benefits conservation of endangered species, we must admit Ivan raises some important issues. Furthermore, the IUCN, the governing body on endangered species, also supports trophy hunting under certain conditions. This raises a very controversial issue and is something we will be revisiting in the future. We are also of the belief that we are in such a crisis around the globe, with so many species under the real threat of extinction, that we need to look at conservation of endangered species from multiple angles. The IUCN paper on trophy hunting can be read HERE.

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