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Episode 110: Wolves and the Endangered Species Act w/Corbin Maxey

Wolves in the Americas

In this episode we were invited on the Animals to the Max Podcast with Corbin Maxey to discuss the controversial issue with wolves and wolf hunting here in the United States. It was a timely discussion as the next day, the Trump Administration announced sweeping changes to the Endangered Species Act here in the United States, which if implemented can have devastating affects on wolves.

Specifically, we discuss with Corbin why wolves are important to a healthy ecosystem and how we as scientist view hunting of wolves.

Some of our sources quoted in the podcast:

Wolves Impact Vegetation Recovery in Yellowstone

Wolves and Yellowstone Recovery

Wolves Losing Federal Protection (USA)

Wolves Killed in Washington to Protect Cattle

Species Protected by the Endangered Species Act

Trump and the Endangered Species Act


Please follow Corbin Maxey and his podcast Animals to the Max. It is a great compliment to our show with outstanding interviews from numerous people working with and around animals, and working in conservation.

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August 22, 2019
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