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Episode 112: Shark Research w/Chris Fischer, Founder of OCEARCH

This week we are joined with OCEARCH founder, expedition leader and visionary Chris Fischer. He gives a fascinating interview on the research he is conducting in not only sharks, but many oceanic species. He details his current efforts with OCEARCH and gives incredible insight into the state of our oceans and the many species within.

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Chris Fischer has led 17 global expeditions since 2007 to advance science and education, facilitating millions of dollars in collaborative ocean research on apex predators involving over 50 scientists and 20 institutions. Fischer’s ultimate goals, through the support of sponsors such as Caterpillar, are to enable scientists and governments around the world to generate groundbreaking data in an open source environment while enabling dynamic STEM education. 

Fischer believes that being inclusive is inspiring. By breaking down institutional barriers, the resource-focused projects of his non-profit, OCEARCH, facilitate research progress at a rate otherwise not possible. Concurrently, students are being engaged with a K-12, STEM educational curriculum based on sharks and the OCEARCH Global Shark Tracker. This near real-time dynamic tool allows anyone to track and learn about sharks along with the brightest PhDs in the world. An initial phase of lesson plans, for grades 6-8 and developed by Landry’s Inc., is launching in the fall of 2013.

Fischer and his team pioneered the method for capturing and releasing mature white sharks and other large marine species on a 75,000 lb. custom research platform aboard the 126’ Motor Vessel OCEARCH, a one-of-kind research vessel powered by two Cat marine propulsion engines and three auxiliary generators. Obtaining unprecedented data, researchers can identify breeding areas, feeding areas, migratory corridors, and birthing sites – ensuring centrist, data driven conservation. The work of OCEARCH and Fischer has been featured in over 5,000 news stories in 2013 and a series of ongoing short films sponsored by Costa.


1. GUADALUPE ISLAND – December 2007
2. GUADALUPE ISLAND – December 2008
4. MALIBU, CA – September 2009
5. FARALLON ISLANDS – October 2009
6. GUADALUPE ISLAND – November 2009
7. SEA OF CORTEZ – May 2012
8. SEA OF CORTEZ – September 2010
9. REVILLAGIGEDOS – November 2010
10. COCOS – January 2011
11. BOCA GRAND – May 18-28, 2011
12. BOCA GRAND PASS – July 1-3, 2011
13. SOUTH AFRICA 1 – March 5-25, 2012
14. SOUTH AFRICA 2 – April 10 – May 23, 2012

On-Camera Television Credits:

Expedition Leader, Host, Shark Men (Expedition Great White), National Geographic Channel
11 Episodes, 2009-2010
10 Episodes, 2011
10 Episodes, 2012 (premiering April 7, 2012)

Host, Offshore Adventures, ESPN 2002-2008
180 Episodes, Most Watched Outdoor TV Show of all time

Host, Ocean Hunter, ESPN 2005-2007
30 Episodes

Emmy Award Winner: Host, Offshore Adventures (2009 Regional)
Eight Additional Emmy Awards (Regional) and 4 Telly Awards as CEO/Founder of Fischer Productions

Chairman, OCEARCH
Board Member, The Billfish Foundation: Leading conservation organization of pelagic fish

BS in Business, Indiana University, 1991


OCEARCH is a non-profit organization with a global reach for unprecedented research on the oceans’ giants.
We facilitate unprecedented research by supporting leading researchers and institutions seeking to attain groundbreaking data on the biology and health of sharks, in conjunction with basic research on shark life history and migration. The researchers we support work aboard the M/V OCEARCH, a unique 126’ vessel equipped with a custom 75,000 hydraulic lift and research platform, which serves as both mothership and at-sea laboratory.

Our fieldwork involves attracting, catching, tagging, and bio-sampling of sharks before they are released. The shark is monitored at all times under expert guidance and maintained on the platform by water over its gills. All fieldwork is done according to agreed and approved protocols based primarily on ethical considerations, and overseen by leading scientists/researchers.
We bring together key stakeholders to accelerate the body of knowledge surrounding apex predators. Research findings and tracking maps are made public to aid in sound management decisions and further conservation policies, which protect sharks where they are most vulnerable.

OCEARCH also works around the globe to champion the social, economic, and environmental benefits of sustainable fisheries management; protect and encourage sportfishing access; and advance research and education for our oceans.
We believe in a balanced, science-based approach to rebuild, sustain, and conserve our living marine resources. Working with Heads of State, policy makers and conservation organizations in the United States and abroad on ocean-based environmental issues OCEARCH’s cooperative approach focuses on results.

More details can be found at www.ocearch.org. 

August 29, 2019
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