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Episode 127: Wildlife Educator Stephanie Arne

December 03, 2019

This week we are joined with Stephanie Arne, a wildlife educator. It was an absolute treasure to speak with her about her latest work with African Penguins and her other conservation efforts. This is for sure a not miss interview. Just a note, Stephanie mentions her work in Africa and we urge you to visit their website at savingpenguins.org. However, the release of their documentary has been delayed. A note from Stephanie:

“Our Saving Penguins fundraiser is unexpectedly on hold at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience. We are rescheduling the launch of our “Saving Penguins” fundraiser for the beginning of 2020. We are grateful for everyone’s excitement for saving the endangered African Penguin. Thank you and keep your ears and eyes open for the launch date.”

We will update our website when they go live and you can follow us on our Facebook or Instagram where we too will be providing updates.

Finally, please be sure to visit Curiosity Stream and use this link to receive one free month HERE

You can also visit Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom YouTube link HERE


Ever since she was a child,

            Stephanie has felt a strong connection with nature. She embraces the importance of living as a part of the natural world, rather than separate from it. And she knows that sharing that connectivity is critical to protecting nature on a global scale.

She’s worked with – and learned from – biologists, conservation leaders, CEOs, farmers and fisherman in Africa, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and the United States.

As a wildlife conservation professional, she’s committed to raising awareness about the disconnect between modern society and the natural world. And she’s determined to explore and share how each of us can use our specific talents and skills to bridge that gap to make our planet a healthier place for generations to come.

Today, she is not only the Wildlife and Conservation Ambassador for CuriosityStream and the host of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom but also a public speaker on global efforts in conservation and sustainability. Her insight has earned her a seat on the International Union of Conservation Nature’s (IUCN), Education and Communication Commission.  Recently, Stephanie became a Deep Elite Ambassador for Scubapro; named Ambassador for the Planet by the Wyland Foundation; was profiled in Dive Alert Magazine; joined the advisory council for Alaska Sealife Center, and became co-founder of The Creative Animal Foundation.

Stephanie has become a regular on Harry Connick Jr.’s daytime show, “Harry!” as well as The Weather Channel, and Animal Planet’s, “Animal Nation” with comedian, Anthony Anderson. She’s also been featured on an episode of the HGTV series “Tiny House, Big Living”, kicking off the 2017 – 2018 tiny house tour for the Creative Animal Foundation.

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