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Episode 141: The Creepier, The Better w/Mallory Lindsay

Ms. Mallory’s mission is to spark curiosity about wildlife, conservation, and local natural history while empowering others to do the same through public outreach, community conservation projects, and citizen scientist initiatives. Mallory grew up like so many of us today- believing in the numerous misconceptions about our ‘unlovable’ creatures and the wild places they call home. However, that all changed after a bag of slithering reptiles shifted her life by transforming a childhood fear into a new found fascination. . . and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. After seeing that others shared her previous situation, her drive to find- and share- the truth behind nature’s most misunderstood creatures became her passion.

As a wildlife educator, Mallory believes facts are better told through stories, curiosity should never be smothered, and the power of one should empower many. For over a decade, Mallory has invested her focus-and talents- in challenging the way people view our wildlife (see Fear2Fascination) and encouraging them to find their own niche in making the world a better place ( see Curious Conservationist). From documenting scientists’ stories in remote locations to to working alongside our nation’s youth, connecting with others is a key component to changing lives- and our planet.

Mallory’s been a guest expert on numerous news stations, podcasts, and radio stations. Currently, she has an ongoing wildlife segment on KUSI Good Morning San Diego, as well as on the podcast, Zoologic. Within the last few years, Mallory has done numerous social media collaborations highlighting the conservation initiatives of various institutions/organizations such as El Paso Zoo, Caretta Research Project, BFREE, and award winning STEM-based programming, Xploration Station. She is also a certified wildlife rehabilitator, wilderness first responder, former zoo director, and spokesperson for Bad Boy Mowers.

In addition to being an advocate of the ‘underdogs’ in the animal kingdom, Mallory provides media and social media aide for non-profits, researchers, and educators in wildlife conservation to use for promotional and educational purposes.

February 06, 2020
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