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Episode 144: Anti-Poaching w/Global Conservation Force’s Mike Veale

February 20, 2020

Global Conservation Force is on the front lines in Africa and other areas throughout the world fighting poaching and wildlife trafficking. Mike Veale founded Global Conservation Force in 2014. As an organization, Global Conservation Force has grown and is fighting hard to save our disappearing wildlife. Well worth a listen to learn the truth of poaching in Africa.


Mike Veale is a southern California native who has worked extensively with animals for the majority of his conservation career. From a young age Mike has been passionate about the nature, wildlife, and anything he could do to protect it. He focused on gaining any experience he could from a young age, taking on some of his first conservation projects at the age of 14, as a Boy Scout. As a Senior Mammal Keeper at San Diego Safari Park he had unparalleled access to two of the last remaining North African White Rhinos as well as dozens of other endangered species.

In 2014, after years of watching the wild populations of animals under his care rapidly dwindle, Mike decided to take action. His lengthy wildlife care career, combined with his conservation, ranger, and active, combat-sport-heavy lifestyle gave Mike the unique experience needed to fight on the front line of conservation. Mike traveled to South Africa and passed the intensive boot camp training required before finally becoming an anti-poaching ranger in Greater Kruger National Park. After several months of fighting poaching, Mike returned to America, and Global Conservation Force was founded. He continues to go back and fourth between the US, Asia, and Africa working on direct impact wildlife conservation projects, local community support, and anti poaching patrols.


Global Conservation Force

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