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Episode 149: Pangolins w/Lauren Ayres Global Conservation Force


Lauren Ayres has been in the field of animal care & conservation since 2004 and has been employed as a wildlife care professional, behavior consultant, veterinary assistant, and field research associate. Being raised in the eco-oriented states of Montana, Oregon, and Wyoming, Lauren developed a passion for wildlife & the environment and aimed to make an impact in conservation. She has worked with a large variety of different animals from naked mole rats to killer whales, tigers to tenrecs, and everything in between.

She holds a Master’s of Science degree in Marine Ecosystem Management and Bachelor’s degrees in Biology & Psychology with focuses in Animal Behavior & Underwater Resource Management – all from Indiana University. Her Master’s thesis focused on the conservation of endangered coral species found on marine archaeological sites in the Dominican Republic. Additionally, she is a PADI Assistant SCUBA Instructor with over 300 dives and 15 different specialty diver certifications.

Lauren serves as the Pangolin Project Coordinator for the US non-profit, Global Conservation Force (GCF) ; where she has worked on several field projects in Africa & Southeast Asia. As the Pangolin Project Coordinator, Lauren oversees all GCF projects involving pangolin conservation, protection, demand reduction, community education, and research. Additionally, she has served as a field production coordinator for wildlife documentaries and newscasts.

Her passions include spreading the message of conservation to the younger generations, inspiring others to protect their home ecosystems, and advocating for responsible ecotourism travel.
Social Media: @LaurensWildlife
March 19, 2020
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