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Episode 152: The Zoo Profession w/Jon Miot


This week we welcome Angie’s own husband Jon Miot to the show. Jon is the Director of the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo. He joins us to discuss what an Accredited Zoo is, and why it differs from non-accredited organizations. In light of the recent discussion with Netflix’s documentary Tiger King, this interview highlights why accredited zoos are so different. We discuss the difficult process of getting accreditation. As well as many other topics related to zoos. How critical they are to saving endangered species. We even discuss how much accredited zoos around the world contribute to animal conservation in the wild. Jon has had a long career in the zoo industry. After earning his bachelor’s degree, he worked as a zookeeper at Zoo Atlanta and then at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo. Where he met the love of his life. Our very own Angie.

April 02, 2020
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