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Episode 158: Forrest Elephant Research in Central Africa w/Dr Daniella Chusyd

This week we welcome Dr. Daniella Chusyd fresh from her research and travels in the Congo. Dr. Chusyd was out in the field when the coronavirus pandemic hit and had to hurry back to the United States. She shares with us her experiences in Africa studying Forrest Elephants from deep in the Congo. She gives a fascinating look at her life tracking and studying these mysterious elephants. Dr. Chusyd also explains her journey from her undergraduate studies, to becoming one of the few elephant researchers we have in the world.


Daniella E. Chusyd, PhD is a Morris Animal Foundation postdoctoral fellow in the School of Public Health Indiana University. Daniella loves elephants, and learns loving about them. Her research focuses on understanding different environmental factors that relate to forest and savanna elephant health and reproduction, and using what she finds to inform conservation policy.

Her YouTube channel The Elephantologist can be found HERE

You can support her research in Africa by going HERE.   Then search for the “Elephant Research Fund”



April 28, 2020
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