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Episode 168: Giraffe Conservation Foundation’s Dr Julian Fennessy

In celebration of World Giraffe Day, which is June 21st, we are excited to chat with Dr. Julian Fennessy. Dr. Fennessy is the Director of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation. He chats about the silent extinction with giraffes and the many conservation projects GCF is involved with. We also discuss the latest news in Giraffe speciation, is it just four species now? It is a fascinating and can’s miss interview.

Giraffe Transport Video can be seen HERE


As Co-Director and Co-Founder of GCF Julian coordinates all giraffe conservation efforts as the technical expert. He is the Co-Chair of the IUCN SSC Giraffe & Okapi Specialist Group, the Conservation Advisor for the EAZA Giraffe EEP and has >20 years experience in species and habitat ecology, conservation and land management across the African continent (and Australia), and in particular focal giraffe related activities. His experience in the field of giraffe conservation is something few others can boast, from individual field projects, supervision of students, population and country-wide assessments, to expert advisor on national conservation strategies and action plans.

Julian has conducted numerous conservation expeditions across all regions of the Africa continent, and worked with all giraffe species and subspecies. Julian holds a PhD in Biological Science from the University of Sydney, Australia based on his initial work in Namibia – the ecology of the desert-dwelling giraffe in Namibia’s northwest. His diverse skill base provides a solid science and conservation foundation from which GCF can grow.

June 18, 2020
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