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Episode 170: Wildlife Rehabilitation w/author Suzie Gilbert

This week we welcome author Suzie Gilbert on to talk about her life and experiences in wildlife rehabilitation. Ms. Gilbert also recently released her latest book ‘Unflappable’ and we discuss how it related to her life helping wildlife. We spend a fascinating hour discussing her life, experiences helping native wildlife and how it led to her life as an author.


Twenty-five-year-old Luna Burke is on the run—with a homicidal Bald Eagle in the back seat.

Licensed to take care of injured and orphaned wildlife, she is determined to smuggle the bird from her husband’s private zoo in Florida to an eagle sanctuary in Canada. Hot on her trail are her husband, his bodyguards, the police, state conservation officials, and an expert tracker from the federal Fish & Wildlife Service; aiding and abetting her is a smitten young tech guy, a lethal Navy SEAL turned panther advocate, and an underground railroad of wildlife rehabilitators intent on protecting one of their own. Waiting in Ontario is a legendary old eco-warrioress more than willing to provide refuge…as long as Luna can make it across the border.

UNFLAPPABLE is a funny, dark, suspenseful adventure with a big cast of unconventional characters, both human and not.


Suzie lives in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley, she is passionate about wildlife, and has been working with wild birds for nearly 30 years. Her lifetime quest is to raise awareness of how humans and wildlife can coexist in better ways.

She has written a memoir about the slippery slope all rehabbers eventually slide down, called Flyaway: How a Wild Bird Rehabber Sought Adventure and Found Her Wings (HarperCollins); a children’s book, Hawk Hill (Chronicle Books); and numerous articles, op-ed pieces, and blogs.

You can visit her website HERE


June 25, 2020
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