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Episode 172: Sperm Whales Reign Supreme

During July we are focusing on the ocean. It is also a time to participate in the July Plastic Free Challenge. You can join the All Creatures Podcast team by going HERE . Search for “All Creatures Podcast” and join and help us. Over 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans and is having a horrific affect on our ocean wildlife. NOW is the time to take action. Please join us and help save our oceans.

We are starting off the month of July with the iconic Sperm Whale. This was originally a Patreon-episode, but we felt compelled to publish it now. This was recorded in the middle of 2019 and has some incredible insight into Sperm Whales and the pressures they are facing in the ocean.

You can learn more about Sperm Whales at the following link HERE

Both Angie and I are traveling (locally) and will update this page as soon as we can.



July 07, 2020
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