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Episode 188: Lubee Bat Conservancy’s Director Brian Pope

This week we are talking all about bats. They are such a critical mammal to our planet’s ecosystems. We talk to Brian Pope from the Lubbe Bat Conservancy about bats and all they can teach us. We also discuss the latest on bats and the Covid-19 pandemic. This is another cant miss interview.


Brian is from Pittsburgh, PA, and has a BSc in Biology from Penn State University. Brian is a dedicated and passionate professional who specializes in non-profit leadership, zoological management, conservation and education. After being an animal care specialist at the Pittsburgh Zoo and Disney’s Animal Kingdom for 11 years, Brian joined Lubee in 2007 as Curator and became Director in April 2011. During this time the organization has significantly expanded local and global conservation/education programs, fundraising, marketing, facility improvements, native bat programs and selective breeding. Brian led Lubee to its 5th consecutive AZA Certification in 2020 and has proudly ensured that the organization is consistently compliant with USDA standards. Brian has extensive animal care experience with numerous published articles on animal husbandry, enrichment, and medical management. He is extremely passionate about his role in the zoological/conservation field, and is working to further Lubee’s status as a global leader in bat conservation and education.

October 15, 2020
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