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Episode 209: Zookeepers Changing the Face of Conservation w/Jungle Jordan

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In this podcast we sat down with Jungle Jordan and had a fascinating chat about the role of zookeepers in education and conservation. We also had Jon (Angie’s husband and now new Dad) also join in the chat. Jon is the Director of the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo program. We spent well over an hour talking about how zookeepers are now major faces in conservation. They all serve critical roles in helping to educate the public on today’s biodiversity crisis.

We first had Jungle Jordan on in Episode 131 and it was a pleasure to have him back. Jordan Veasley, also known as “Jungle Jordan,” is a wildlife enthusiast and educator. He began his zoo keeping career when he was young and now has worked his way up to a number of roles for the Cougar Mountain Zoo in Washington State. In Episode 131 we spent a fascinating hour talking about his career, the challenges he has personally faced, and how he is reaching out to the masses through his YouTube channel and other social media channels.

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March 15, 2021
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