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Episode 212: Will Humans Go Extinct?

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This week Chris highlights the disturbing reports that have been circulating the last year on the massive loss of our biodiversity across the planet. In this week’s podcast, he highlights some of the statistics that shows how our complex ecosystems across almost every biome are degrading quickly. From our oceans to our rainforests, to our very own fresh waterways, across the planet we are losing not only critical species across all taxa, but also the very environments that sustain life on Earth.  It leads to the question that is now making mainstream news, are humans causing their own extinction? Now, while all the news is horrific, there is always hope! He highlights some of the conservation heroes that have dedicated their lives to saving our planet and the many species that inhabit it, but also tells you what you can do to help. As a side note, we will be back soon with our regular species podcasts.

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World’s Forgotten Fishes

(Andrew Moore, CC BY-SA 2.0)

March 31, 2021
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