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Episode 230: Whitley Award Winner Nuklu Phom conserving the Amur Falcon in Nagaland

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Nuklu Phom is another Whitley Award winner from the Whitley Fund for Nature. Nuklu tells a fascinating story about how he and many others have been working hard to preserve their native habitat in Nagaland, India to help many species, to include the Amur Falcon. Nagaland is one of the most special and unique places on earth, where millions of migrating Amur Falcons congregate along their long migration from Siberia to southern Africa. For years, tens of thousands Amur Falcons were being poached in Nagaland to the dismay of conservaitonists from around the globe. Nuklu and others have been working hard to change the behaviors of the populace of Nagaland into protecting their native wildlife and their habitat. This is truly one of the most inspirational stories we have had on this podcast and is a must listen to interview.

You can learn more about Nuklu Phom’s work in Nagaland by visiting the Whitely Fund for Nature’s Award page HERE

June 25, 2021
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