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Episode 234: Whitley Award Winner Pedro Fruet on conserving Lahille’s Bottlenose Dolphins

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Pedro Fruet was recently awarded the prestigious Whitley Award from the Whitley Fund for Nature. The endangered Lahille’s Bottlenose Dolphin is only one of two subspecies of the Common Bottlenose dolphin.  They have an estimated population of only around 600 individuals left in world off the coast of Argentina and southern Brazil and Uruguay. Pedro is leading the effort to save these special animals. He is working with local fisheries and government officials to help reduce the amount of bycatch, which is responsible for nearly 40% of dolphin fatalities in the area. He is also focused on educating the locals on the importance of the dolphins, among many other efforts.

You can learn more about Pedro Fruet and the Whitley Nature Fund by going HERE



July 09, 2021
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