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Episode 237: Whitley Award Winner Dr Kini Roesler on saving the Hooded Grebe in Patagonia

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Dr. Kini Roelser is another amazing award winner from the prestigious Whitley Fund for Nature. Dr. Roelser is working hard to save the critically endangered Hooded Grebe and other wildlife on the Patagonia Steppe. The Hooded Grebe was only discovered in the 1970s and has suffered a dramatic 80% decline in their population over the last 20 years. Dr. Roelser shares with us his work and all the pressures this bird and other native wildlife in Patagonia are suffering from. He gives us great insight to what is happening in his part of the world in South America.




** NOTE: If you hear occasional baby noises during the interview you are not going crazy. Angie did an amazing job interviewing Dr. Roelser while keeping her newborn Maddox happy. She is an amazing mother and dedicated educator**

You can learn more about Dr. Kini Roelser and the Whitley Nature Fund by going HERE

July 22, 2021
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