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Episode 246: Educating the Next Generation w/Dr. Amanda Romo

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We all are aware of the ecological crisis we find ourselves in. This week we interview Dr. Amanda Romo, who is a professor and Director of the Learning Center at East Los Angeles College. Realizing the need to inform and educate the next generation on our world, she turned to the All Creatures Podcast as a learning tool for her students. In our interview, Dr. Romo talks about how she has integrated our podcast and using other tools to teach her students. She gives fascinating insight into how today’s college students are not as aware about the planet’s ecological degradation and how that knowledge can be integrated into any subject.

Dr. Romo started her education at Pasadena City College, and then transferred to CSU Los Angeles, where she got her bachelor’s and master’s in English literature.  She then did her doctorate in education at Arizona State University.  In addition to teaching English/Composition, she is also am the director of the Learning Center at East Los Angeles College. She describes herself as an armchair scientist, and she loves to learn and read about wildlife conservation.  She states, “The connection between wildlife conservation and climate change is a critical one, and it’s a place where I see hope for the future.  I’m especially interested in what happens when young adults are exposed to or engaged in wildlife conservation and how that can make them better stewards of the planet.  I think that if we learn to love animals, and we want to protect animals, we will learn to protect ourselves.”

September 24, 2021
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