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Episode 259: The Way of the Rabbit w/Mark Hawthorne

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We welcome author Mark Hawthorne on the podcast to discuss everything about rabbits. We often do not realize just how much rabbits influence our daily lives. They are woven into so many of our own cultures and are actually living near many of us in most areas of the world. Mark shares his vast knowledge on rabbits, giving insights into their history, conservation, why they are considered pests in Australia, some of their folklore and so much more. Much of this is in his new book The Way of the Rabbit, which is a must read if you have the slightest interest in these special animals.


Taken from his website:

Mark Hawthorne is the author of four books on animals, animal rights, and social justice: The Way of the RabbitA Vegan Ethic: Embracing A Life Of Compassion Toward AllBleating Hearts: The Hidden World of Animal Suffering, and Striking at the Roots: A Practical Guide to Animal Activism, which empowers people around the world to get active for animals. He stopped eating meat after an encounter with one of India’s many cows in 1992 and became an ethical vegan a decade later. Mark’s writing on behalf of animals has also appeared in such vegan magazines as Satya, VegNewsLaika, and The Vegan, and you’ll find his work featured in Vegan’s Daily Companion and in the anthologies Uncaged: Top Activists Share Their Wisdom on Effective Farm Animal AdvocacyTurning Points in Compassion: Personal Journeys of Animal Advocates, and Stories to Live By: Wisdom to Help You Make the Most of Every Day. Weeks before the publication of The Way of the Rabbit in 2021, Mark and his partner, Lauren, rescued an abandoned rabbit from a street corner in Northern California. They adopted him and named him Bunit

You can learn more about Mark Hawthorne by visiting his website HERE

You can learn more about The Way of the Rabbit by visiting HERE

December 11, 2021
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