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Episode 274: Dr. Richard Dawkins, author of Flights of Fancy, Defying Gravity By Design & Evolution

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This week we welcome Dr. Richard Dawkins to discuss his latest book, Flights of Fancy Defying Gravity by Design & Evolution. We were both thrilled to speak with one of the world’s best known evolutionary biologists and science communicators. Dr. Dawkins is well known for his advocacy for science and on of the world’s leading scientific authors.

We both were very fortunate to be able to read his latest book Flights of Fancy and we both agree it is a must buy. The artwork alone is incredible and worth the price. Additionally, Dr. Dawkins writing style makes reading about science and evolution a real treat. While we discuss the book and the implications of flight, we do chat about where we are in the world with science, conservation and many other topics.


Flights of Fancy is now available in the United Kingdom.

Flights of Fancy will be available in the USA May 3, 2022. We will post links when available.


This was taken directly from the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science website.

It states, “One of the most respected scientists in the world and the biggest draw in secularism, Richard Dawkins always generates impressive crowds when visiting North America. Secularism is sweeping America as a movement, and Richard Dawkins is the catalyst who galvanizes it. From 1995 to 2008 Richard Dawkins was the Charles Simonyi Professor of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University. He is an internationally best-selling author.  Among his books are The Ancestor’s TaleThe Selfish GeneThe Blind WatchmakerClimbing Mount ImprobableUnweaving the RainbowA Devil’s ChaplainThe God DelusionThe Greatest Show on Earth and The Magic of Reality.  His most recent books are his two-part autobiography.  Part 1 An Appetite for Wonder, released in 2013 and A Brief Candle in the Dark released in 2015.  He is a Fellow of the Royal Society and of the Royal Society of Literature.  His around-the-world speaking tour is the focus of a recent documentary “The Unbelievers” which also features appearances by Woody Allen, Stephen Colbert, Cameron Diaz, Ian McEwan, Ricky Gervais, Stephen Hawking, Eddie Izzard, Bill Pullman, and Sarah Silverman.”

They ask that you visit the ‘Ultimate Collection’ of Richard Dawkins where you can find all the important articles, video and more by or about Richard Dawkins.”

Other Books by Richard Dawkins

Dawkins, R. (2017). Science in the Soul.

Dawkins, R. (2015). Brief Candle in the Dark.

Dawkins, R. (2013). An Appetite for Wonder

Dawkins, R. (2011). The Magic of Reality: How We Know What’s Really True

Dawkins, R. (2009). The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution.

Dawkins, R. (2006). The God Delusion

Dawkins, R. (2004). The Ancestor’s Tale

Dawkins, R. (2003). A Devil’s Chaplain

Dawkins, R. (1998). Unweaving the Rainbow

Dawkins, R. (1996). Climbing Mount Improbable

Dawkins, R. (1995). River Out of Eden

Dawkins, R. (1986). The Blind Watchmaker

Dawkins, R. (1982). The Extended Phenotype.  

Dawkins, R. (1976). The Selfish Gene


April 06, 2022
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