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Episode 285: Plastics and Our World w/Dr Lisa Erdle 5 Gyres Institute

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Biography: Lisa Erdle, Director of Science & Innovation

Lisa is the Director of Science & Innovation at the 5 Gyres Institute. She is a microplastics researcher, lifelong sailor, and is passionate about keeping waterways clean for wildlife and
people. Lisa completed her PhD at the University of Toronto, where her research focused on the sources, fate, and effects of microfibers in the environment. Currently, Lisa lives in
California and is continuing research on microfibers and plastic pollution. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Lisa grew up swimming and sailing on the Great Lakes and holds a deep love
of the water.

Take from the 5 Gyres website they state:

The 5 Gyres Institute is a leader in the global movement against plastic pollution with more than 10 years of expertise in scientific research and engagement on plastic pollution issues. Since 2009, the team has completed 19 expeditions, bringing more than 300 citizen scientists, corporate executives, brands, and celebrities to the gyres, lakes, and rivers to conduct firsthand research on plastic pollution. Through this research, 5 Gyres continuously engages diverse stakeholders in understanding the science to drive impact as well as conduct community outreach and citizen science to implement data-driven solutions. With over 1,800 Ambassadors in 66 countries, 5 Gyres supports and is supported by community members with information, tools, and connections to help drive local change to fight this global crisis.

July 09, 2022
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