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Episode 290: The Modern West w/Melodie Edwards

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Melodie Edwards hosts the incredible storytelling podcast The Modern West. There is much lore and fascination with the American West, made popular over the decades in popular culture. Melodies works to tell the true stories of the culture and history of the Western United States. Sometimes she confirms some stereotypes of the old west, while others shedding light on the truth. Melodie also highlights such important stories such as those of the disappearing and reemergence of the Bison and the many struggles of Native Americans. It is truly a fascinating interviewing giving a glimpse into a life many of us are not familiar with.

From there website The Modern West Podcast states that Melodie is a recipient of two national PMJA awards, one for her investigation of the reservation housing crisis, another for a civil discourse over a confrontation at Gillette, Wyoming mosque. She also has won numerous regional Edward R. Murrow Awards, two for best use and sound, as well as two Native American Journalism awards. She also is the author of the young adult novel Akorena & the League of Crows.

You can learn more about Melodie Edwards and The Modern West Podcast by visiting their website HERE

August 03, 2022
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