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Episode 293: Lake Victoria Biodiversity Crisis w/Mark Weston

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Mark Weston is author of the new book The Saviour Fish: Life and Death on Africa’s Greatest Lake. He joins us this week to talk about his experiences living on Lake Victoria in Africa. Additionally, we talk about the collapse of the native fish species there due to exploitation and their impacts on the native peoples. In addition to his latest book, Mark has written about and broadcasts on Africa for the BBC World Service, Slate, the Royal African Society, South Africa’s Mail & Guardian, and Roads & Kingdoms. He also authored the West Africa travelogue The Ringtone and the Drum and the satirical novel African Beauty. His research on global issues has been published in some of the world’s leading academic journals. Mark currently lives in London, UK.

You can find out more about Mark’s work in Lake Victoria HERE (https://saviourfish.net/)

August 24, 2022
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