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Episode 303: Bush Dog Researchers Dr Karen DeMatteo and Alice Clark

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As promised, we tracked them down! We are super excited to welcome Bush Dog Researchers Dr. Karen DeMatteo & Alice Clark. Dr. DeMatteo is a faculty member at Washington University in Saint Louis and is heavily involved in Bush Dog research as noted in our Episode 292: Bush Dogs Delight! Alice Clark is a PhD student at the University of Liverpool and is working with the Chester Zoo on Bush Dog research. It was a fascinating interview and all about how they study Bush Dogs, what they can teach us, and how the knowledge can be used to help save them. Such a fun species and a wonderful pair of guests.

You can learn more about Dr. DeMatteo’s work using dogs for conservation research by liking her Facebook Page “Got Scat” HERE

Dr Karen DeMatteo

You can learn more about Alice Clark’s work HERE and can follow her on Instagram @AliceZoologist.

PhD Student Alice Clark

November 02, 2022
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