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Episode 313: Sonam Lama, Conservation Manager w/ Red Panda Network

The amazing Sonam Lama

We are excited to kick off 2023 covering the Red Panda and the people out there fighting to save them. Sonam Lama is an absolute conservation hero! He is a recent Whitley Award Winner in 2022 in recognition for his hard work in conserving the Red Panda. The Whitley Fund for Nature is one of the world’s leading organizations in helping and recognizing those out in the field doing the hard work to save some of our most endangered animals. Sonam is no exception! He was with the Red Panda Network from its inception. While he lives in Nepal, he has traveled the world to study and help these animals. An incredible interview to kick off the year!

You can learn more about Sonam Lama by viewing his David Attenborough narrated vide HERE or by visiting HERE

You can learn more about the Red Panda Network by visiting HERE

You can learn more about the Whitley Fund for Nature by visiting HERE

January 04, 2023
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