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Episode 320: The Creative Lives of Animals with Carol Gigliotti

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The animals we cover in the is podcast surprise us at every turn. This also is what author Carol Gigliotti talks about in her book, “The Creative Lives of Animals.” In her interview with Angie, Carol talks about her lifetime experience as an educator and how she came to love nature all its life. Carol is a Professor Emerita of Dynamic Media and Critical and Cultural Studies at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. As a scholar she documents how animals are more than just “instinctive” creatures and are actually more complex than we know. She brings a new fresh view on how we can view our natural world and all those that inhabit it. You can learn more about Carol at her website Carol Gigliotti – author, artist, scholar. You can buy her brilliant book from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, Books a Million and other major retailers.

February 20, 2023
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