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Episode 323: Koalas and Their Future with Dr Danielle Clode

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This week we interview Dr. Danielle Clode who is the author of the book Koalas: A Natural History, or titled Koala: A Life in Tree (Australia/NZ). Danielle grew up on a boat sailing around the south-east coast of Australia and began her career in conservation biology studying feral mink in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. She has worked in zoos, museum and underwater observatories, became a science communicator and the award-winning author of popular nonfiction books (and documentaries) on Australian science, nature and history. Her books cover topics as diverse as paleontology, French Indo-Pacific exploration, killer whales, museum collections, conservation agencies, women in science and living with bushfires. Danielle has taught academic and creative writing for many years and is currently an associate professor in creative writing at Flinders University. Her latest book is a journey of discovery into the complex history and ecology and politics of the much loved koala, published in Australia/NZ as Koala: A life in trees and in the rest of the world as Koala: A natural history and uncertain future. You can learn more about Dr. Danielle Clode and her other works at Danielle Clode – Author.

March 08, 2023
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