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Episode 325: March Mammal Madness

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This week we welcome back to the podcast Corbin Maxey! For the next two weeks we are having a March Madness tournament of mammals. In this tournament, both Chris and Angie picked 8 MAMMALS each to go head to head, to see how is the best, coolest and just overall most awesome mammal in the world. Corbin Maxey is our judge and he will evaluate if either Chris or Angie make a better argument on which mammal is best. We will be posting the bracket on social media or you can make your own to follow. In selecting our mammals we did our best to select a wide variety to make it representative of what we see in the wild. So sadly an incredible species like the Tiger, Bonobo, Mountain Gorilla, and so many other great mammals did not make the cut. YET, what we did select made for an absolutely fun set of episodes. Please let us know who you would have picked. This is a packed episode of incredible facts about some of your favorite mammals!! The bracket was randomly generated so not to play any favorites. It is: Round 1 Sloth (Angie) vs. Lion (Chris) Hippo (Angie) vs Koala (Chris) Grey Wolf (Angie) vs Saiga (Chris) Platypus (Angie) vs African Elephant (Chris) Orca (Angie) vs Honey Badger (Chris) Naked Mole Rat (Angie) vs. Orangutan (Chris) Zebra (Angie) vs Leopard Seal (Chris) Flying Fox (Angie) vs Polar Bear (Chris) The rules are pretty simple. We each make three arguments on why our animal is better than the other. Corbin as the judge decides who goes on to the next round. Also, PLEASE visit Corbin at his YouTube website, and listen to his podcast, Animals to the Max. He is doing such amazing work in animal education  and you can visit his website at Corbin Maxey to learn more.

March 22, 2023
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