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Episode 330: Path of the Panther With Carlton Ward Jr

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This week we are excited to interview National Geographic Explorer and conservation photographer Carlton Ward Jr. We are also excited to learn about his latest project helping the conservation of the critically endangered Florida Panther! Carlton’s experiences are captured in the National Geographic film ‘Path of the Panther’, as well as his book coming out on May 2, 2023 and his article in National Geographic. Without a doubt Carlton is a conservation hero and is fighting hard to save these big cats.

You can learn more the film Path of the Panther Home – Path of the Panther

You can learn more about the book Path of the Panther Path of the Panther by Carlton Ward, Jr. – National Geographic Books (disney.com)

You can read the National Geographic story on Florida Panthers How America’s most endangered cat could help save Florida (nationalgeographic.com)

April 26, 2023
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