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Episode 337: Prehistoric Planet with Dr Darren Naish

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Dr Darren Naish

We finally dive into our first ever episode discussing extinct species and boy is this a whopper. We welcome Dr. Darren Naish, the Chief Science Advisor for Apple TV+ groundbreaking series Prehistoric Planet. Season 1 of Prehistoric Planet aired in 2022 and all episodes of Season 2 are now airing as we release this podcast in 2023. This series looks, feels, sounds like an actual wildlife documentary on so many species that lived over 66 million years ago.

We talk to Dr. Naish about how he and his fellow paleontologists surmise how these dinosaurs, reptiles, amphibians and other ancient species lived, traveled, raised their young and exhibit all the behaviors documented in this series. The series includes all your favorites like T Rex, Velociraptors, sauropods like Dreadnoughtus, and even the giant Devil Toad (Frog) Beelzebufo makes an appearance. Was such a fascinating interview and watch Prehistoric Planet, you will not be disappointed. The series deserves all the hype it is receiving from around the world.

You can learn more about Prehistoric Planet on Apple TV+ HERE

You can learn more about Dr. Darren Naish HERE

June 07, 2023
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