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Episode 342: Shark Science with Gibbs Kuguru

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As we continue to celebrate our oceans in July we welcome to the podcast shark scientist and conservationist Gibbs Kuguru. Gibbs is a National Geographic Explorer who uses scientific tools to understand sharks. Working with great white sharks at a cage diving company, he has honed his shark wrangling and seafaring skills and applied them to several shark species including hammerheads, threshers, blues, and tiger sharks. Kuguru is using his research to better understand the unique elements that shape the populations of sharks in the blue wilds of the world. As a conservationist, he advocates for the stewardship of nature where people use our planetary resources in a sustainable way that enhances biodiversity in our environment. Kuguru is currently completing his Ph.D. in genomics at Wageningen University.

Gibbs Kuguru hard at work in the field (image from www.oceandimensions.com)

Gibbs is one of the scientists featured in this months National Geographic Sharkfest. You can check that out here: SHARKFEST (nationalgeographic.com)

You can learn more about Gibbs Kuguru here: Gibbs Kuguru – National Geographic Society


July 10, 2023
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