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Episode 344: Healing Sea Turtles

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The Brevard Zoo has a Special Sea Turtle Healing Center that rescues and rehabilitates some of our oceans most endangered sea creatures. Namely, sea turtles. Taken directly from their website they state: Brevard Zoo, in partnership with the Sea Turtle Preservation Society (STPS), opened its Sea Turtle Healing Center in April 2014. The facility includes two separate holding facilities with a total of 14 tanks ranging in size from six to 12 feet in diameter. This facility is not open to the public. Because the beaches of Brevard County are among the world’s most important nesting areas for sea turtles and the largest in the United States, a significant number of animals are found with injuries and illnesses each year. About 100 patients are seen at the Healing Center each year. Patients are brought to the Healing Center for a variety of reasons—they may be recovering from a boat strike, interaction with human debris such as fishing line or plastic, or debilitation. In addition to providing much-needed rest, experienced staff and dedicated volunteers use a combination of medication, surgeries and nutrition to nurse the turtles back to health and, ideally, return them to the water.

Jess Patterson, coordinator of the Brevard Zoo Turtle Hospital inspecting a green turtle that has been brought into the centre

Check out more about the Sea Turtle Healing Centre here: Sea Turtle Healing Center | Brevard Zoo Sea Turtle Rehab & Release

July 17, 2023
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