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Episode 347: World Record Breaking Big Year Birding with Arjan Dwarshius

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Imagine trying to set the world record for spotting the most species of birds in one year? Of the ~10,000+ known species of birds, how many do you think you could spot? Well Arjan Dwarshuis saw nearly 7000 species in a single year. He set the world record and continues to spread awareness of birds and environmental conservation. From the Netherlands, Arjan has inspired many thousands, if not millions, with his incredible journey around the world. Starting from Europe, he tells his story and just how he did it. Such a fun and inspiring interview! You can learn more about Arjan and his book The Big Year That Flew By at his website  Arjan Dwarshuis – The Birding Experience

Arjan Dwarshius’s book all about birding

We also welcome a special cohost, Jessie Golden, who has inspired not only Chris, but so many others to take up the hobby of birding. He joins in and we hope you welcome him back.

August 02, 2023
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