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Episode 359: Mad About Horses

Chris is excited to announce a new endeavor, his new podcast Mad About Horses. In this inaugural episode, Chris argues that Horses are Humans Best Friends!!

Please be assured, the All Creatures Podcast is our pride and joy and we plan on continuing to record and produce many episodes to come. We will be back next week with a new species, as Angie had to go be with family. As part of Chris’s new role as the Director of Education with Mad Barn, and due to your support, the Mad About Horses podcast is another avenue to keep educating the masses on creatures we share this planet with.

Chris educating us all about horses!

Episode Show Notes:

Horses have been humankind’s constant companions for thousands of years, and their hoofprints have left an indelible mark on our world. In this thought-provoking introductory episode, we delve into the profound influence horses have had on human evolution and history.

We start off by asking you to contemplate all the animals that have most significantly impacted human history. This thought experiment leads us on a journey through time, from the moment a brave human first mounted a wild equid, Equus ferus, to the countless ways in which horses have transformed our lives.

This episode highlights the importance of horses in changing geopolitics, boundaries, and how we travel and trade. We do recognize the role of donkeys and their significance in various parts of the world.

Throughout this episode, we explore the domestication of various animals, such as sheep, pigs, cattle, and chickens, and how they have influenced human history by altering food production and lifestyle. Horses, however, remain at the forefront of our conversation due to their unmatched athleticism and adaptability.

We also recognize the contributions of cats in controlling rodent populations and the deep bond between humans and dogs, which have been our loyal companions for millennia. This episode also touches upon research involving animals like horses and chickens, showing how these creatures have contributed to various aspects of human life and well-being.

At the end of the episode, we emphasize the irreplaceable role of horses in our history and encourage listeners to appreciate the profound impact these animals have had on human evolution. It is a reminder of the enduring connection we have with animals, with the horse standing out as a critical and influential partner throughout our shared history.

October 25, 2023
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