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Episode 36: Plight of the Pangolin with Bill Zeigler

Mr. Bill Zeigler is a Senior Vice President with the Chicago Zoological Society and Brookfield Zoo and is heavily involved in pangolin conservation. He has a long storied past in conservation and we were very fortunate to interview him and ask his thoughts on conservation of endangered species.  If you have not had a chance please listen to Episode 20: Trafficked, The Pangolin Episode. These animals are highly sought after and are the number one trafficked animal in the world for nothing more than their scales.

Bill earned his Bachelors degree in Zoology and Animal Biology from Indiana State University and has a long career working for zoological institutions and societies. He has dedicated his life in the fight to save endangered species and educate the masses on these animals. Currently serving as Senior Vice President of the Chicago Zoological Society their stated mission is:

Our approach to applied science and education has led to a history of significant programs that have directly benefited the conservation of wildlife and the natural world.

To maximize and sustain conservation impact, programs must integrate and apply scientific knowledge toward human action while leveraging cultural shifts through training, community engagement, strategic collaborations, and public policy involvement. The management team—along with the Board of Trustees of the Chicago Zoological Society—is accountable for leading CZS toward desired strategic outcomes that advance the institution. Based on rigorous review and evaluation of the best available data and alternatives, our leadership team functions collaboratively in a trusting and respectful environment, passionately committed to the mission of inspiring conservation leadership by connecting people with wildlife and nature.

Thank you Bill for a very inspiring interview.



June 07, 2018
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