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Episode 362: Dholes with Dr Arjun Srivastha

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What do you know about Dholes? What about Dhole conservation?

This week we welcome Dr. Arjun Srivatha, who is working with the Dhole Project to save these endangered canids. Endemic to areas of India down into Indonesia, Dholes are slipping towards extinction. With an estiamted population of as few as 950, or maybe just over 2000, Dr. Srivatha’s work is critical to their future.

From his website, Dr. Srivatha states:

“I have long been interested in nature and wildlife, and my career now revolves around studying the natural world in an attempt to better understand and conserve it. I earned a PhD in Interdisciplinary Ecology from the School of Natural Resources and Environment/Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, University of Florida. I am currently a DST INSPIRE Campus Fellow at the National Centre for Biological Sciences, India.”


You can learn more about Dr. Arjun Srivatha by visiting his website – Home (arjunsrivathsa.com)

You can learn more about the Dhole Project by visiting their website – The Dhole Project (arjunsrivathsa.com)

November 15, 2023
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