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Episode 47: Fiona the Hippo w/Christina Gorsuch Cincinnati Zoo

This week we are very excited to post our latest interview with Christina Gorsuch from the Cincinnati Zoo. Christina is the Curator of Mammals and was instrumental in helping to hand raise and tell the story of Fiona the Hippo. Fiona’s story captured the hearts of many throughout the world as a premature baby who survived the odds and is now entering her adolescent years.

Christina Gorsuch began her career at the Audubon Zoo, and over the years has worked at Zoo Atlanta and the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. She has been the Curator of Mammals at the Cincinatti Zoo for almost 3 years. In her role, she managed multiple animal areas in the zoo, to include Africa and Neonates, which were the primary teams that cared for Fiona. Throughout her interview, Christina tells us how she was one of the first people to actually see Fiona, pick her up and provide immediate care. Around the zoo she is called the coach of Team Fiona.

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July 26, 2018
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