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Episode 74: Gorilla Conservation with Ron Evans Cincinnati Zoo

Ron Evans Biography

Ron Evans has worked at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden since 1984 as a keeper, supervisor and is currently the Curator of Primates. Over that period he has helped usher in progressive programs focusing on innovative husbandry, environmental enrichment, operant conditioning/behavior understanding, facility design and conservation interpretation. In addition to managing the care and wellbeing of some 20 species of primates in Cincinnati, he serves on national primate sustainability committees including the Gorilla Species Survival Plan Management Group, the Gorilla Behavior Advisory Group, the Bonobo Species Survival Plan Management Group and the Prosimian Taxon Advisory Group Steering Committee. For the past 20 years he has led the Cincinnati Zoo’s in situ conservation work supporting critically endangered western lowland gorilla research, community outreach, protection and capacity building in the Republic of Congo. Ron is one of the privileged few to have seen both western lowland and mountain gorillas in the wild.

Cincinnati Zoo Gorillas

February 14, 2019
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