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Episode 80: Zoos Matter, Aquariums Matter, Animal Education Matters w/ Corbin Maxey


This is a special episode with invited guest Corbin Maxey from Animals to the Max.

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In this episode we discuss the current role zoos, aquariums, and even in Corbin’s field of animals used for education in the entertainment industry, and why they are so critical to promoting animal conservation. We take a in depth look at exactly what accredited zoos and aquariums are doing for the animals in the wild. In our podcast we always look at facts, period. None of us are paid or associated with any zoo or aquarium. Rather, after doing nearly 80 episodes covering 61 different species and talking to conservation experts from around the globe, we here at the All Creatures Podcast, and even in Corbin’s own podcast Animals to the Max, we all have a deep understanding of the global crisis facing us. In this episode we discuss the role zoos and aquariums are playing in helping to stem the tide of this Sixth Mass Extinction event.


You can read about the Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction HERE and HERE and HERE and even HERE (downloadable Nature article)

We are losing species at an incredible rate

There are numerous other articles and many species we cover, all tell a story of a catastrophic world, a natural world, all under siege.

This is where today’s zoos and aquariums fit in. For over 200 years, zoos and aquariums have worked hard to conserve some of the worlds most endangered animals. For example, in the early 20th century, zoos were critical in saving the North American Bison. There are numerous other species, even some covered by our podcast that would be extinct if not for zoos. For example:

There are numerous other examples where both zoos and aquariums have save and continue to save multiple species across many taxa. The bottom line is, without the work they do, we would suffer a huge loss of biodiversity around the planet.

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums is the accrediting agency in the United States that ensures the highest quality of care for all the animals housed in their supported institutions. Furthermore, they publish annual reports on just how much their zoos and aquariums are doing for animal conservation and education. Here are a few info graphics to show you the impact they have on wildlife conservation and education. The website can be accessed HERE.




March 26, 2019
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