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Episode 89: The Cost of the Human Wildlife Conflict with Author Bryce Andrews

May 09, 2019

Down From the Mountain

We were very fortunate to speak with author Bryce Andrews. His recent book Down From the Mountain, the Life and Death of a Grizzly Bear was recently released and it is so well written, and paints a clear picture of the issues grizzly bears are facing in the United States.

His book can be purchased at your local bookstore or on Amazon HERE

The following biography was published by the Mountain and Prairie website

Bryce Andrews – People, Predators, and the American West

Bryce Andrews is a Montana-based rancher, conservationist, and author whose unique set of experiences gives him uncommon insights into the relationship between humans and carnivores in the West. Having worked as a ranch hand, ranch manager, and ranch owner, Bryce understands agriculture and the myriad of challenges faced by producers. As Field Director at the non-profit People and Carnivores, he has gained first-hand knowledge of the predicaments facing large predators in the Rockies. And as an author, he has researched and written extensively about all sides of the issue– most notably in his books Badluck Way and his new book Down from the Mountain, which was published earlier this week.

Bryce grew up in Seattle, far removed from ranching, farming, and the arid ruggedness of the Rocky Mountain West. But soon after college, he landed an entry-level job at the 20,000-acre Sun Ranch, located in Montana’s spectacular Upper Madison River Valley. On the Sun Ranch, Bryce received a trial-by-fire education in the sometimes-problematic relationship between agriculture and wild animals, a relationship he has spent much of his professional career exploring. The latest manifestation of this exploration is Down from the Mountain, an educational, entertaining, and sometimes-heartbreaking book that explores specific interactions between grizzly bears and farms in Montana’s Mission Valley.

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