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All Creatures,

Episode 99: Octonation with Warren K. Carlyle IV

June 20, 2019

Warren K. Carlyle IV is the founder of the World’s largest Octopus fan club, Octonation. Within a few short years Warren has brought together thousands upon thousands of people together to learn and celebrate one of the Earth’s most unique and amazing creatures. Today, Octonation boasts hundreds of thousands of fans throughout the world, all thanks to Warren’s vision. Join us for a thrilling interview on how one person can make such a huge impact for any species.

Mission of Octonation

OctoNation™ The Largest Octopus Fan Club is committed to uniting a community of cephalopod enthusiasts to educate, entertain, and empower others about cephalopods through a unique mix of science, education, and community. We work with other organizations that highlight the conservation, education and ongoing research of cephalopods.

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Be sure to follow Octonation you will not be disappointed. Daily, fans post incredible videos and facts about octopuses and other cephalopods.




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