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The Week in Conservation for July 20, 2018

Stories from Little Known Critically-Endangered Species

To highlight some of the less “charismatic” endangered species this week we focused on a story discussing 10 of New Zealand’s little less known endangered (or possibly extinct) species. Species such as the Open Bay Island Leech receives almost no attention but animals like this are just as important as other charismatic species.

Ten Critically Endangered Critters With The Craziest Stories

Conservation Priorities

In New Zealand, 1/3 of the land mass is dedicated land managed by it’s Department of Conservation. Recently, an algorithm was created to evaluated the most important species for New Zealand and which to devote most of the resources to. However, DOC is employing a joint strategy of protecting whole ecosystems in their efforts to conserve as many species as possible.

How Do We Decide Which Endangered Species to Save

Indigenous People Are Needed for Conservation

Indigenous peoples make up only 5% of the total world population but live on ¼ of all the land (excluding Antarctica). Conservation experts now are pushing to engage these cultures in hoping to establish strategies on preserving the natural habitats in these areas.

Indigenous Peoples Are Crucial for Conservation

Women Rangers in Africa

A program in Zambia has worked to establish all-female teams of rangers to protect wildlife. The program is considered a resounding success as the women are less likely to be corrupted and are highly trained.

Zimbabwe’s Women Wildlife Rangers Wage War on Poachers

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Tulsa Zoo Program a Success

The Tulsa Zoo announced the hatching of 25 endangered Aldabra tortoises. Since they first started this particular conservation program, the zoo has successfully hatched 161 Aldabra tortoises.

25 Aldabra Tortoises Hatched at Tulsa Zoo


Endangered Species Chocolate

Rain Forest Trust

New Species of the Week

Bandy Bandy Snake

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